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Though the Northwest part of Montgomery County real estate market has been doing very well over-all, there are still some very attractive deals on Conroe and Lake Conroe foreclosures for sale these days; please do not confuse all Lake Conroe foreclosures as great deals though, as some are actually quite the opposite. If you are considering purchasing a property that is either in the process of being foreclosed upon,(short sale) or has actually already been foreclosed on, (REO property) please contact me as I am very familiar with the process of obtaining these types of homes for people.

The process of buying Montgomery and Lake Conroe foreclosures is going to be a lot different than when purchasing a property under “normal” conditions, where the current homeowner is selling versus a bank. There are a number of steps to take to make sure that you have protections, as well as knowing the process that occurs so as to avoid any pit-falls or surprises. Most people don’t realize that in some cases banks are also negotiable on prices too; depending on how long a property has been sitting, whether it was listed too high to begin with, or the overall dis-repair it’s in will all have some bearing on what they are willing to sell a property for.

I realized a while back that this was going to be something that real estate professionals were going to have to learn if they wanted to be able to properly represent their clients in todays market, so I have taken the time to educate myself through different courses about the foreclosure process in Texas. I have also gained even more real-life experience though numerous transactions helping clients in obtaining these types of properties.

Short sales; these are properties that have not actually been taken back by the bank, rather the current home-owners are more than likely still occupying the property, but are behind on their note payments and facing certain foreclosure unless action is taken. These types of purchases can be very cumbersome to deal with, especially when agents and buyers are not familiar with the process involved for a bank to take a “short sale”, meaning accepting less than what is currently owed on the property.

Facing the possibility of a foreclosure? Please contact me as I respect your privacy in this matter. There are ways to avoid foreclosure in most cases, but the process can be very cumbersome without the guidance of a professional who has experience in dealing with banks and the process of avoiding foreclosure. Our brokerage is very familiar with the process; the sooner you contact us, the better the chances will be.