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Lake Conroe Property Management

Lake Conroe Property Management ServicesWhen it comes to managing your Lake Conroe, Conroe, or Montgomery County Texas properties, we have you and your investments best interest in mind. We have all the necessary resources and knowledge to properly manage your property so you don’t have the worry; it truly becomes a stress free “hands off” process for our clients.

There are many reasons for hiring a property manager in the first place, but I would say the most common reasons I hear from clients is that home-owners are not very well versed with the Texas tenant-landlord laws, and all the different ways that they need to protect themselves from possible litigation in the leasing process. Other reasons would be that owners are from out of the area, or out of state completely, therefore have no mechanisms of being able to manage the task by themselves, while others simply do not have the time or knowledge.

Most people who come into our office for Lake Conroe property management have either come in because they are not satisfied with their current property management company, or they are exhausted from trying to go it alone.

Our Conroe property management company’s services can reduce your risk, maximize your income, and protect your assets. Whether managing single family rentals, condos, or commercial property, it requires day to day attention and a wide range of expertise. We have the experience and resources to achieve your investment property goals.

Listed below are just a few of the advantages of working with the professionals at our Lake Conroe, Montgomery County, and Conroe property management office.

Industry experts: We understand and comply with Texas tenant-landlord laws, as well as state and federal housing codes and regulations; this takes the burden off the property owner so they don’t have the worry of trying to ascertain the numerous laws associated with leasing property.

Extensive marketing and referral network: We obtain market value for all of our clients properties because we have the marketing knowledge and resources at our disposal to attract the widest and most qualified pool of prospects to lease our properties.

Proper Screening: This is probably one of the most important steps in the entire leasing process; it’s also the place where most of the potential pit-falls can be avoided right up front. Potential tenants must pass our rigorous screening process; this is not a “cash for keys” process like so many other individuals and management companies will offer. We do extensive and comprehensive background checks which include criminal, eviction, sex offender and credit checks. This gives you, the homeowner, the best possible scenario for a profitable investment.

Accurate and accessible accounting reports: We have web portals for our home-owners to log into so as to provide instant access any time of the day or night to their accounts. Also; monthly itemized statements and year end tax summaries simplify tax time, making your accounts job easy. Every month rental proceeds are deposited directly to your account, there’s no “checks in the mail”!

Periodic property inspections: We do inspections during the tenants lease period, as well as thorough move in and move out inspections. This is to make sure potential problems are thwarted before they become more significant.

Enforcement of contractual compliance: This is another topic where many FLBO’s and other Conroe property management companies will fail miserably; I can’t tell you how many times home-owners will come into our office seeking assistance from our professionals with problems that either they, or another management company have saddled them with. We are very well versed in knowing the appropriate actions to take for handling the many possible problems that can arise, including non payment of rent, or any other violations that breach the rental agreement. Another very important issue is how the lease is written in the first place; again, many times people will call because they are having problems with their properties that they can’t remedy, this is usually caused by two major points that were ignored; there was no proper screening to begin with, and the actual lease was not written properly. What’s the use of even having a lease if it’s not properly written? If it’ doesn’t have any teeth to it, there’s nothing to enforce; it can certainly lead to some very unfortunate scenarios when not done correctly. While always complying with state and federal laws, we write our leases with our home-owners interests first, this can alleviate many potential problems before they ever have a chance to arise.

Alliances with other professionals; We have formed alliances with many vendors and other professionals in the leasing process; this ensures that we are getting our clients property and management issues taken care of at the most reasonable cost possible, while still providing good value.

Peace of mind: When you get down to it this is truly what it’s all about; rest assured you have experienced industry experts are on your side. Let us take the worry out of owning rental property like we have for so many others.

If you are in need of a professional property manager with the knowledge to properly manage your Lake Conroe, Conroe, or Montgomery County investments, simply send an e-mail or phone, which ever you prefer and I will be glad to help.