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Lake Conroe Fishing

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Lake Conroe has quickly become one of the better fisheries in the state of Texas, with many conservation programs and remedies to enhance the Lakes ability to support a healthy fishery.

Lake Conroe has also hosted the Professional Angles Association’s yearly “Toyota Texas Bass Classic”. This nationally televised tournament has been held every October since 2007 at Lake Conroe. The tournament draws the country’s top 50 anglers who converge on Lake Conroe to compete for the coveted trophy, bragging rights, and prize money that it offers.

Largemouth bass seem to be the most sought after fish in Lake Conroe by fishing enthusiast, while channel cats are by far the most abundant sport fish in the lake. The current lake record on Lake Conroe for a Largemouth Bass is just shy of 16 lbs, and was caught in 2009. In 1995 Hybrid striped bass were introduced into Lake Conroe offering open water opportunities for anglers looking for heavy fighting fish. In addition to the fish mentioned above, Lake Conroe offers blue gill, crappie, carp, and other assorted species of fish.

The main places most people will fish in the lower half of Lake Conroe is next to the bulk heads, under docks, and next to the rock rip rap along the dam and 1097 bridge that goes across the middle of Lake Conroe, while the upper portion of Lake Conroe is very scenic, it’s mostly featureless as far as fishing structure other than submerged structure etc..

Many man-made features have been used to create fish attractor reefs in Lake Conroe. These attractors were placed in Lake Conroe by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Division, Seven Coves Bass Club (who are very active in keeping Lake Conroe a viable fishery going forward into the future), and the San Jacinto River Authority, as well as other partners. A lot of the “local” fishing enthusiasts know where these reefs are located, as well as other good fishing structure, while out of town anglers will have to rely more on their boats GPS features.

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